Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Dinner

Here are links and notes to what I made today for Thanksgiving Dinner.  I decided to go out on a limb and go mostly food network style with the recipes.

green bean casserole  (used fresh green beans)
with panko bread crumbs (no french fried onions)  and minus the onions and mushrooms

sweet potato souffle  (used fresh sweet potatoes)

cranberry sauce   (used fresh cranberries)
with 2 cinnamon sticks while cooking, removed when done.

hashbrown casserole

mashed potatoes

 parker house rolls with orange, rosemary butter glaze  (i used a package of Sister Schubert's)

bread stuffing with sage

cinnamon roll dutch apple pie    and cool whip for on top

Turkey brine and cooking   (I used my own selective combo of the two)

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