Sunday, November 25, 2012

Dexter, that naughty Elf

Here are a few things I have caught Dexter doing lately........

Tobogganing with candy canes on the light table in the pond from the frog pond game

Trying to decorate a tiny tree with fake lights and using the light table for illumination

Taking a whild ride in the Barbie jeep with Jesse from Toy Story

Playing Haley's guitar and impersonating Axl Rose

Dressed as a Rockette and gambling in his very own home made casino with a
Frog who was also dressed as a Rockette

Trying to build his own Castle with Magna Tiles

Taking Santa and a Polar Bear hostage with the help of Jesse from Toy Story

Taking the place of Bot and riding along with Team Umizoomi

Photo bombing The Scooby gang when they were posing for a group photo

That Dexter, he sure is naughty!!

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