Monday, October 8, 2012

fun and fabulous learning

Here are some fun things we have been doing this week!

Graham and Parker reading a book together after I read them a few books

They love their cozy book nook! 
Graham and Parker's book nook is reggio inspired, with lots of books, fuzzy rug, fuzzy pillows and teddy bears! 

I made dry erase shape tracers!! These are great, they loved it! I used the jumbo foam shapes from Discount school supply, white printer paper, hot glue gun. and my laminator. Just laminate one sheet of printer paper, hot glue the shapes to the freshly laminated paper, and let then dry for a few minutes!  They worked really well!!

This was a fun activity, we used these number papers from This worked out really well for brushing up on gluing skills. I had them make one careful dot of glue on each colored dot with elmers clear school glue. Then I had them put a bead on the dots. This is a great way to practice gluing, fine motor, and numbers!! 

This was fun as well, these little apple basket papers were from I made the apples myself. a while back. I use an old version of paint shop pro that I have had on my computer for many years. It's paint shop pro 7. It works though. I plan to treat myself to the newest version of paint shop pro this Christmas! What I did is create rows of apples with paint shop pro apple tubes. I did a set of green, a set of yellow, and a set of red apples. Then I laminated them. The worst part of it was when I had to get several family members to sit while watching tv one night and cut all of the apples out!!  It took over an hour!! haha  However it was worth it! We can use these apples for sorting and counting in many different ways!! I had them color the baskets, then place the amount of apples in each basket, according to the number on the basket.

 We used the apples with this great set of apple counting pages from  I have purchased both of her preschool curriculums and also one from I use them with the activities we do sometimes. They work out well with the light table manipulatives we have. I laminate a lot of them or laminate them and then them out.  I don't generally use them as they were intended but they work out well to incorporate them into our play based learning. I like finding creative ways to use worksheets when we do use them.  Graham actually likes doing worksheets, so I make them fun and add things to them!!

They played with some playdoh on the mirror table. They love the mirror table. They use it daily, as they do the light table. The day I set it up, I had not intended to permanently leave it up but they love it so much that it has to stay!!  I might have to expand it soon. They really want to play together at it and with it being set up for one person, that can be tough sometimes. They really do make it work though for the most part!!


  1. Hi Kristen, thanks so much for linking back to my site! I hope you enjoyed the printables, and it looks like you had a great week! Erica

  2. That is a wonderful collection of great ideas. I like the shape tracers. That is very inventive and is good practice. The apple counting exercises are fun. Thank you for linking to Multiples Monday. I hope you'll join in for Artsy Play Wednesday too.

    : 0 ) Theresa

  3. Love all your ideas Kristen! Glad the Apple Basket Printable from my site was helpful!!!!! Thanks for posting about it!


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