Saturday, September 22, 2012

This week in play and playdates

Here are a few fun pictures from this week. We had two playdates with a 4 of Graham and Parker's best friends and their little baby brothers!!. We also had some fun with the light tables, the overhead projector, and we added some fun lights to our mirror table/ mirror play center.

Here are pics from the first playdate of the week
Graham and two friends having some science fun!

Busy scientists

One of their friends making a masterpiece on the easel

One of the boys baby brothers having some water fun!

lots of fun with the car table now having sand and so many other cool things inside it!

Parker was being a king (using the christmas tree skirt

One of the baby brothers having a really enjoyable tummy time!

the babies enjoying some light table fun

a discovery bottle!


art/craft time!

the book nook

The mirror table/ mirror play center
mirror table fun!

awesome little containers from the dollar tree, so great for sorting!

added some lights!!

the pic does not even do it justice, it looks SO cool!!

Another Playdate we had this week

They were having a lot of overhead projector fun!!

strike a pose!!

They LOVED running over to me to see their pics after they did each pose!!

One last fun pose by Parker!


  1. Any kid would love to play at your place! It is like a children's discovery museum. I love all the different stations you have created. And all that fun in one week...Wow! (I checked the "Wow" reaction above). : 0 )


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