Sunday, June 10, 2012

Welcome to Waterville

We have had a lot of rain in the past 3 weeks, Over the course of the first very rainy week, we lost all 4 of our outdoor container pond fish. It was very sad for us all, so we are taking a break for fish. I disinfected the sand box that I was using for the fish pond to get it ready to be used to play in again. I have it all set up in our water play area of our outdoor play environment now. Our outdoor water play area is basically a little cove of water tables, a toy kitchen, a sand box and sand table, some shelving, and such. We use each one for something different. I make them into all sorts of water sensory bins. The white shelving is used for science play and also water play, mixing, pouring, sifting, etc.

rain gutter for sliding toys and water beads from one water table to another

two of the water tables and the pipe builders water ways toy

Parkie, being cute

relaxed and smiley ;)

Checking out the water beads in their early growing stages

This one is full of (growing) clear water beads and some blue food coloring

Graham REALLY enjoys daily science play 

totally awesome, can be stuck on clothes or to toys, etc

yellow food coloring in the pool and some action figures

our sand box is behind them in the larger pool

Now time for some bigger pool swimming!

woohoo action shot!

another fun action shot!

we out some jellystones into a water table to grow too

I made sun catcher magic wands  (stick, glass gem, translucent color chip, hot glue gun)

front view

back view... they actually project color when the sun hits them!

we organized some of our light table manipulatives

some of our fun, glowy stuff we turn on for evening play time
another view.. and yes I moved some of it around a little

Check out the video, it is only about 10 seconds long. 


  1. Your pictures are absolutely adorable!!! I love all the water activities for the kid to enjoy. I recently posted pictures of my 2 enjoying an Island Escape with me Down the Islands, Trinidad. You should check it out.
    I am your newest follower and hope you can follow back.

  2. It looks like you have the most fun backyard ever! My daughter would have a blast with the rain gutter slide for her toys!


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