Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The cup tower

Do you suffer from the cup dilemma?  Do your kids use too many cups?

If you have kids I am sure that you have heard this phrase at one time or another...
"where is my cup??!!??.....  I'm getting another one!!"
or maybe this one.....
"She/He drank out of my cupppppp!!!  .... I need a new one!!"

Well I have. So I decided to do something about it. I stopped by the local Wally Marte'. Ya know, that super swanky store that has just about everything. Most people probably call it Wal Mart. I prefer Target, personally but it is a little bit further of a drive and I was in a hurry. I picked up a 3 tier all in one spice rack for under $4. I bought a roll of patterned duct tape and a roll of solid white duct tape. I lined the top and bottom of the tiers with patterned duct tape and then cut off six pieces of the solid white duct tape. I labeled each piece of white tape with a child's name, and Dad too.  He is almost about as bad as the kids are with cups. 

Here are the results! 

top view

front view

side view

Now no one can be confused of where their cup is, or say that theirs is mixed with another kids' cup. I normally don't have them use disposable cups but I wanted to start this trend off in the best possible way. My 4 year old Twins use Kleen Kanteens and did not need to have a disposable cup today, but they insisted they had to have one.  The cup tower does not take up much space at all, it is sturdy and it works perfectly!!


  1. I love this idea! Found it on pinterest and seriously it is genius! Our kids are small still and don't mind sharing but my hubby is constantly forgetting which cup is his. This will be EXCELLENT in a year or two when my kids are out of their sippy cups or start caring about "their" cup!

  2. Found you on Pinterest - I have one of these just sitting in my garage. Fantastic idea!

  3. This is great! Going to have 11 kids at my house this summer (my 4 and my friends 7) so organizing cups is a necessity!!!

  4. This is a great idea. The question is where did you find the cute little cups?

  5. Found this on Pinterest I made it today, we have 5 kids so I definitely understand the struggle to keep 1 cup per kid per day. I found the spice rack at Wal-Mart as noted. I was worried because our kids use bigger plastic tumblers, however they all fit without any issue on the rack. I love this idea!


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