Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the magic of a days play

We have these two multicolor LED pedestals that are really neat! One came with a big crystal and one did not come with anything, so usually I put a plastic vase of water beads on it! 

stacking on our blacklight table

stacking on our blacklight table


Some of our laminated light table worksheets

Flowers and flower pots match up

bingo (this page is from nick jr's website)

playing with some of our glow in the dark toys!

recently we added pillows to our Waldorf Playstand

A block play playdate we had today with our playgroup

lots of blocks

admiring a friends new baby brother

a really fun mess!

making a road for the cars

sharing a bouncy ball, so many giggles bouncing it back and forth

hiding under the table is so fun!!!

they had a blast

so many giggles!!

playing together

We obtained some free tree blocks today!!  (some tree workers cut them for us) I set them to dry on our
art table in our outdoor art space porch
setting up some fun

adding some light

its a farm

the farm has to have a pond

blocks seperated by color


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