Sunday, May 6, 2012

Some things we did today

land and sea on the light table

sea shells, river rocks, wood slivers, plastic trees, plastic animals, and glass stones

shelf becomes doll house

lots of animals, action figures, cars, dinosaurs, and aliens live in this doll house

Air Walker, great for fun, great for leg strength, great for Physical Therapy (CMT runs in our family)

water beads through a magnifying bug viewer

silly squares through a magnifying bug viewer

silly squares and water beads in magnifying bug viewers

lots of bubbles and blue water (food coloring and no it doesnt stain skin, clothes, or pool)

shaving cream and liquid water colors


shaving cream, real flowers, liquid water colors


  1. what fun!! These look like great activities! Thanks for linking up to to Weekly Kid's Co-op. Where did you get your light table?

  2. That coloured shaving foam looks so fun! Thanks for linking up to the Outdoor Play Party. This week's edition is up now, hope to see you there!


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