Wednesday, April 18, 2012

diving at sea shell cove and glowing designs

Welcome to "Sea Shell Cove" This is where action figures go for an exciting vacation of scuba diving to tranquil aqua blue seas filled with magical treasures. I think I want to go to this awesome ocean! This ocean themed table was inspired by the Sea Urchin ocean themed table I created yesterday, seen here. This fun water table has orange/strawberry scent. 

 In the table are real sea shells, water, blue and green food coloring, orange and strawberry extract, plastic fish, a dolphin toy, glass gems, river rocks, and a little plastic boat... oh and action figures to go diving!  You can't forget the action figures. right?!?

We had some ping pong balls out again in orange scented water, they were a lot of fun to play with!!! Our friend Garland really enjoyed playing with the ping pong balls in water! She also had a great time playing in the bubbles created from our bubble machine.

Then we created awesome shapes and designs with glow sticks before bed! awesome fun!


  1. What a fun day! I am thinking about how I can construct a water table out of what we already own, but I have a feeling I'll be buying one this summer :-) Thanks for sharing at the Kids Co-op!

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