Sunday, April 8, 2012

Color, Dancing, and Easter

We have made some beaded window charms, dyed easter eggs with baking soda, vinegar, and fizzy easter egg color tablets, had a few egg hunts, and had many  positive breakthroughs with our friend Garland who has Autism. She says anything we prompt her to say, interacts socially with hugs, hand holding, dancing while holding hands and will explore a lot of fun messy stuff in the backyard!!  We are happy to know that we are helping a little with her daily progress!

We made and added some beaded window charms

close up of beaded window charms

fun on the light table

stacking window blocks

floor to wall magnet center with home made and store bought magnets

close up of magnet baskets

Graham and Garland have found a special bond that has made the boundaries of Autism that keep her from hugging and interacting through touch non existent when they play together!              ;)  
in a play tent being silly

holding hands and dancing

so much fun!


a very very very special hug

in the play tent with Graham and Parker


so busy

photo taken by Parker

Graham hunting eggs

Parker hunting eggs

getting ready to dye eggs

putting in the fizzy color tablets

adding eggs

adding baking soda

adding baking soda

adding baking soda
adding vinegar
checking out the eggs in the fixxy color tablet, vinegar and baking soda mixture

so fizzy!

cool looking eggs


mixing and pouring the left over colored vinegar and baking soda mixture


bouncy time!

Since Garland has Autism, it is hard for her to participate in an egg hunt with eggs placed all over our outdoor play area, so I decided to place a few eggs on the trampoline for her. She loved that idea and hopped on in to collect her eggs!! She ran around them, gathered them, explored them, are some of the candy in them, and had a good time!!!!  success!!!!  

The trampoline made her hair all crazy with static, it was really cute!!

checking things out

running around the eggs

gathering eggs 

putting eggs in the bin

eating the candy

opening another egg


running after a rolling get away egg!!  GOT IT!

looking in the bin with eggs

eating candy in a really fun way!

Graham and Parker joined her to BOUNCE!!


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