Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Making cleaning up an irresistibly fun game

Even if your children know to keep their play area and toys tidy, messes can occur on occasion.

Say that you walked out of the room to grab them a snack, one of them got a "hankering"' to make a bit of a mess.

You come back into the room and say "OK lets get this all cleaned up now, but they both say..... It was him  (points at each other), or they look at you dumbfounded (as if you were speaking in Sanskrit). Maybe they might say " I was on the moon, with Steve",   I was in Guam, with Mickey Mouse", or some other amusing excuse.

So, you strategize........... and in comes THE GRABBER TOY!

Ya know, that junky claw grabber toy that you can find at nearly any dollar store.

  • Step 1.  Show them how it works and how darn fun it is to pick every last thing up with the grabber toy.
  • Step 2. Let them try, or even play hard to get for a sec and seem like you want to use it more to clean up.
  • Step 3  BY NOW THEY MUST TRY IT OUT, and they will LOVEEEE it!!
If you have Twins like me or have more than one child,  buy a few!!!!!!  Keep them hung up and easily accessible!!

picking up with the grabber

using the grabber to drop the toy into its box

Loving it!!!
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  1. What a great Idea! I am going to try this with the kids I watch!


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