Monday, March 26, 2012

Chili colors with a side of fluffy clouds

Graham, Parker, and their friend Garland had a lot of fun playing with ice, gel neon food coloring, the chili sweet peppers from yesterday, shaving cream, and all the other usual fun stuff we have out in the backyard to play with! We even made a fluffy cloud ride on the slide!

*typo fixed.... sweet peppers not chili peppers.... I always call those little peppers chili's because they resemble chili peppers.  So... do not use hot peppers..... these are a little sweet salad pepper*

adding more gel color

some glass jars to hear the ice go "clink"

plastic tube in the larger glass jar as a shoot for the ice

loving the gel food coloring

seriously REALLY LOVING the gel food coloring

I wasn't kidding about loving the gel food coloring

feeling the gel food coloring and the ice

holding a plastic colander filled with shaving cream and the ice with gel food coloring on top of the shaving cream

shaving cream in a jar and ice with gel food coloring plopped in

time for the wrestler man to take a shaving cream bath in the brita pitcher

we dumped the ice back into the water table and LOOK at that beautiful gel color remnant

squirting blue food coloring water on the wrestler man

messy ice, gel food coloring joy

painting the toy house with tempera paints

She took que from Graham who paints EVERYTHING in the yard with tempera paint daily

shaving cream and gel food coloring on the slide

what a sensation to sit on


rubbing som of the shaving creame on himself

Garland turned green from sitting in water with green tempera paint in it.  haha
She is having so much fun!!

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    1 comment:

    1. So much fun going on here...nothing like painting the house is there!!!


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