Saturday, February 11, 2012

melty bead basket (updated)

a fun basket made from melty beads

To make, you will need:
Klutz melty beads
Pam cooking spray
a glass loaf pan
an oven set to 230-240

Spray the loaf pan with Pam and then pour the melty beads into the loaf pan and arrange them
so that they cover the bottom and up the sides, fairly evenly. Don't be stingy with the melty beads, cover it well... but don't get crazy with them either.  Then just carefully put the loaf pan full of melty beads into the oven set to 230-240 ish, depending on your oven. If you oven heats things too fast, go with 225. Keep watch. I honestly;y did not time the melty beads. I checked about every 5 minutes until they all appeared to be melted. Let it cool for a while and then just carefully pully it out of the loaf pan. I used the Klutz melty bead arranging tray that the beads come with to cool it further on.... perfect!!  Then when cool I coated the bottom and sides on the inside with mod podge. If you do that, just let it sit and dry and then you can use it by the next day!!

Let your little ones do the work, but smooth it out and even it up before it goes into the oven  ;)

it is still cooling off so we have not used it yet :)


the sides


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  2. What a neat project! I've seen something like it on Pinterest, but I hadn't really read the directions. It doesn't look too hard at all.
    Thanks for linking up with Look What We Did!

  3. Great idea! thanks for linking up!

  4. Wow that's so cool. I love that basket and all of your wonderful ideas!


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