Tuesday, December 20, 2011

mini felt board & waldorf playstand

I decided to use an old dry erase board and make it into a mini felt board for inside of Graham & Parker's waldorf playstand! (the playstand is Graham & Parker's awesome Christmas gift from Grammy & Van) I cut out random animals, shapes, and trees to put on the felt board. I also attached a basket to the wall to put the felt shapes into for storage. I also put our older, smaller light box into the playstand too for extra added fun! The dry erase board is also magnetic. so technically they can attach their magnets to it also. They helped me switch around some of the things they wanted on the shelves of their playstands today too!  When they want, they can also open up one or both sides of the "curtain" and make the playstand a fruit stand or store,  or something fun like that! I was unable to fit the playstand around the chalk board quite right, so I might either expand the chalk board to be wider or tape it off to be smaller.
playstand left

playstand right

centered view

close up of felt board and basket of felt cut outs

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