Monday, January 3, 2011

Play-doh, better at 2.5 than at 2

I decided to try out play-doh again. It was ok at age 2 but 2.5 is way better! They are having a lot of fun with it and doing really well with it too!

We bought the play-dog duffel bag and it is a lot of fun. Graham has been teaching Parker how to use the play-doh scissors. He is really into play-doh now.

Even when Parker grows tired of it and wants to move on to something else, Graham is still playing with the play-doh happily.  :)

I think we will get one of the fun play-doh sets in April. They turn 3 on April 21st!

They play together really well with this set!!

 I made a funny play-doh lady, or as Graham calls women...a  lady-man.  lol


  1. LOL we have the same play dough set. My Lady Bug loves it. It keeps her pretty occupied. Now she has a princess version and one that has extra tools etc... How is the picnic table working out? I had to return ours and exchange it for the little tikes version. The ball that keeps it locked in an X position stopped staying in place.

  2. Bloghopalooza 2011!

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  3. awesome, The table is not great. It is my least favorite step2 item we own so far. Actually it is the only step2 item we have owned that is not holding up well and that I am not happy with. I will unfortunately have to replace it very soon.


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