Sunday, January 9, 2011

birthday party planning

I have been thinking that I need to at least get some ideas in line for my Twins 3rd birthday. They will be 3 on April 21st, but before their birthday both of their sisters will have a birthday. Their sister Mackenna has her birthday in February. Their sister Haley has her birthday in early April.

So since party planning can be quite exhausting sometimes, I try to get a head start.

This year might be tough though, They have favorites this time!!

I thought about just skipping the party and going to a theme park, though that may be even more exhausting.

I think we will probably just have another party at the park, it has worked out pretty well in the past.

Now the tough decision is which of their favorite cartoons to theme the party after.

Barney?  Mickey Mouse?  Sponge Bob?

The hardest part is planning what to do, what food to serve, and such.
None of their friends are really their age. The children they spend the most time with will just be turning 2 around the time of their birthday. I don't know that there will be any 3 year olds at their party, besides them.

I think I would like to get a pinata, but does a pinata really work out well for 3 year olds? I saw a blog today with a set of Twins 3td birthday and they had a pinata. It was quite large too! I wondered if the pinata had to be broken open by an older child or parent possibly?

I think I have a few good ideas for the goody bags this year...just simple items.
So far I came up with pez dispensers, stickers, play-doh, dum-dum pops, & crayons.

I was hoping to come up with a good location but I might have to go with old stand-by...a park that is not far from here.

This blog has a pretty cute set up for their Twins 3rd birthday, I wonder if all of that candy was a good idea though. Who knows, maybe it was a good idea.

Oh well, wish me luck. I hope I can get a good game plan together to set into motion.


  1. hmmmmm .. We kept it simple for the gremlins..There's a spot here called Fantasyland.. Bought a few tickets for the guests and supplied the cake.. they did the rest.. lol.. BTW.. gotta a little award for ya @

  2. I got a pinata for halloween for my kids to do. The twins who were 2 at the time (they are 3 now) had no problem hitting that pinata and hard. It was eventually broken open by my 5 year old's friend, but they had fun! They also have pinatas with pull strings. Everyone grabs on and yanks it open at the same time and then, well you know.


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