Tuesday, December 14, 2010

What is this new coupon craze?

I will admit that with five children it would be nice to save some money with coupons but I rarely can find coupons for what I am buying and I just don't have time to sit and clip coupons for hours.

So I keep hearing that there is this new coupon craze and no one is clipping coupons anymore, they are taking classes??

This sounds so strange to me. Why would anyone need to take a class to learn how to use coupons.

How do you save money on groceries and such?

1 comment:

  1. I plan my meals every week around the grocery ads and the coupons. I also look for places that price match other ads. This has made me that annoying person at the checkout that no one wants to be behind in line! Last week, I had about $200.00 in groceries and only paid just under $150.00. This included two free bottles of $7.00 Oil of Olay lotions! I am super cheap!! :)


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