Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Featured M.O.M. Sandi Coll 12/7/10

Name: Sandi Coll
Age : 31

Marital Status : Married

Blog : www.survivingtripletscanwedoit.blogspot.com

Multiples names and age: Braedan, Teagan and Sean 2 years old

About you : Marine Corps wife and triplet mom!

About your Multiples : After 5 years in the making they burst into our lives, flipped it upside down and we haven't looked back since!

favorite items for multiples : Peg stroller. It was the only way I could get my three around when my husband deployed! It was a life saver.

favorite toys for multiples : Currently it's the toy sets from Imaginext

advice for other moms of multiples : Taking time for your marriage. Your partner is the only one who really knows what you are going through and you'll need them along the way! And take care of yourself. When you aren't happy and healthy, you can't give 100% to your kids!

            Super cute pictures Sandi, thanks for sharing with us!!

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