Saturday, December 11, 2010

Featured M.O.M. Lori Rollins 12/11/10

Name: Lori Rollins

Age 34

Marital Status: Seperated/Divorcing

Multiples names and age: Conner & Ashley are 5 years old

About you - I am currently at home, going to be going back to school for medical billing, which I am so excited about! I love photography and then scrapbooking those memories as well. I like reading, riding bikes with the kids, camping, the beach, watchin movies. I have fun doing work for the school, my local twins club, the Northern CA twins club and National. I love meeting new moms that "get me" and having a good time with them.

About your Multiples: the kids are in kindergarten this year. They were split up (not by my choice, we actually were not asked and the other 2 sets in Kinder were seperated as well) The good thing is, they have GREAT teachers that are team teaching, so there are 50 kids that we get to know this year. They are in the Dual Immersion program, which is english 2 days, spanish the other 2 and half/half on Friday. They love learning spanish and are doing rally well at it! Conner is sweet and loving and a BIG help to me. He likes to be with his cousins and play video games and be outside. Ashley is FUN and playful, with a princess side. She loves to clean and will literally not go to bed if her room is not clean and her bed not made with all the animals in a row. UGH! She is just starting Girl Scouts and is looking to have so much fun with that!

favorite items for multiples: Love the co-sleeper, it was great to us for the 1st 6 months! Love to get new "matchy" shirts for them to wear.

favorite toys for multiples: Right now, we love the Wii and the DS ssytems. They are so good with them and I was not expecting that! Legos are a good friend right now too. pink and purple for her and all the other "boy" colors for them.

advice for other moms of multiples: Thankfully take that help. My first shopping outing was HARD and the kids both cried and were hungry. A very nice mom in arters sat next to me and said to not let other people make you feel bad about anythin. Feed those babies and realize this is not the 1st or the last crying child people will hear and it is ok. Also, you get really good at just nicely taking the silly questions, answer them as nicely as you can and walk away. Not everyone "gets it" until they are around or have their own multiples and once you understand that, it makes it a little easier to tolerate.

Thanks so much for sharing this with us Lori,  cute photos!

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