Monday, November 22, 2010

Twinter Fun...

Many things await us the next few months, the twins' second Thanksgiving, Christmas, and winter!!! The first are always so exciting but the seconds that are soon to come will be so much more fun. Another year older and way more skills are under their belt, this mama awaits all the fun times that we will soon have. So much so that we have had our winter gear since it was still 80 degrees out *laugh*. Thanksgiving only three days away, and we decided to put the the Christmas tree early this year, so we could do it is stages and see just how it would stand up to the twinvasion of this crazy household. It is official it has survived the first 24 hours, but mama added these really pretty tiny lights that make it a bit more irresistible (think mama will wait a week or so for the ornaments) than it was last night, and dad seems to think that it will take a small miracle to keep that 10 foot tree covered with irresistibly shiny ornaments standing for the next months. I have faith they will eventually leave it alone, okay maybe not faith....but a whole lot of HOPE! Turkey dinner planned, tree up, now we just await the wonder of snow, and off sledding we will go!!!
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