Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Some ideas for stripper toddlers!!

I have seen a lot of my Multiples Mommy friends online later have stripper toddlers that get naked and go potty on the floor.

No Fun!!

My heart goes out to you all and a big hug to all of you out there.

I do have a few ideas though that may help!!

Wear a onesie on them BACKWARDS!!
Seriously, get a size larger if necessary. Gerber makes onesies in larger sizes and you can get the onesue extenders too for a bigger toddler. The child (in theory) should not be able to read the crotch snaps if they are in the back.

Onesies at Babies R US

Onesie extenders at onestepahead.com (One of my personal favorite online kids stores)

Use Mitten clips for fastening their shirts to their pants or shorts!! Yes, I know it is a crazy idea but it should keep the clothes ON!!!  That is what is important!!

I found these and other childrens clips and Suspenders at the Suspender Store

I also found them on amazon.com

Suspenders could be a huge help too, and they make them in many cute parrents and colors!!

So I leave you with a hopeful set of ideas and really hope things improve quickly!!

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