Tuesday, June 15, 2010

TwinTuesday! What is your most memorable "public" twin experience?

Hey everyone! TwinHappyJen back with another TwinTuesday QOTW :-)

What is your most memorable "being stopped in public" experience?

Whether it was a comment someone made about your twins, or the circumstances surrounding being stopped... what one moment stands out in your mind as, "People really are crazy when it comes to twins." :-p

Mine was when my girls were just a couple of months old or so. I was at a new grocery store up the street, and I decided to stop and get some coffee. I was standing in line... the girls were asleep in their double stroller. And, then one person noticed them... and then another... and, before I knew it, there was a whole crowd gathered around them. It got so crazy that the walkway into the store actually became blocked (and this wasn't a narrow walkway by any means). I couldn't believe it!

What about you? What stands out in your mind as you most memorable "public" twin experience? :-) Feel free to leave your answer in the comments below... or, answer on your blog and leave a link to your post in the linky below! (And feel free to add the blog hop code to your blog post, as well!)

P.S. You can also feel free to talk about anything you'd like in the TwinTuesday posting on your own blog... the QOTW is just meant as a discussion starter, but you're certainly not restricted to that as a topic :-)

The next TwinTuesday QOTW:

Have you taken your twins on a road trip, yet? And, if so, any tips/tricks for making the ride smoother? :-)

Come back next week to answer!

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