Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's your list?

OK Moms, what are the worst or dumbest comments you have gotten in public or online about having multiples???

I would have to say my top 5 are:

drum roll please.......

1. Oh I feel sorry for you
2. You must have been mortified when you found out it was twins
3. Double Trouble
4. Did you plan to have twins
5. I bet your life sux.

Why do people dislike twins so much or think of them as a punishment or a bad thing?


  1. The worst comment I hear from people:

    Just be glad it isn't twins!

  2. 1. Are they all yours?

    2. You sure do have your hands full!

    3. All boys? Well, maybe next time it will be a girl. (as if boys are bad??)

    4. Are you going to try for a girl? (um, not your business!!)

    5. Twins! Wow! So... do you watch Jon and Kate plus 8? (or, what do you think of Octo-Mom?)

    I think the reason why I personally get comments is because society cannot understand how a couple would want more than two children. They don't see children as a blessing, but more of a burden. They don't understand that I'd rather have 12 kids then a BMW.

    My favorite quote: “The Bible calls debt a curse and children a blessing. But in our culture we apply for a curse and reject blessings. Something is wrong with this picture.” ~Doug Phillips

  3. My favorite one is when they look almost exactly alike in a double stroller wearing the exact same outfit..Are they twins? Happens so much when I am out. I am a mom of 4and I love being a mom and how I always put it when people make comments about OMG How do you do it with two that must be horrible? I just smile and say we wanted one more and got blessed with 2 and love every crazy moment my babies bring

  4. 1. As an older mom, I've been told my 'grandchildren' are beautiful, "at your age, HOW do you keep up with them?!?" (people, I'm ONLY 48, not 148! LOL.)
    2. I've been asked, in huge shock, OH MY GOD, ARE THEY YOURS?!?! (Heck, no, I was hanging out at the hospital near the maternity ward and they were just there in the hallway so I took'em home with me, d'oh).
    3. I've been asked, ARE THEY IDENTICAL? (I've got b/g twins, what do YOU think, LOL.) I even got into almost an argument with a stranger who insisted, despite being B/G, that mine were identical, because, 'sometimes that happens'. Riiiiiggggghhhhtt.
    4. The usual "double trouble", "what a handful!"
    5. A couple of people have almost demanded to know if we did IVF (we did, no shame in that) and wanted details. I'm glad to oblige, especially the part about giving myself shots in the back end with 3 inch needles that have to go ALL the way in the muscle. MULTIPLE times.
    6. Now that the twins are bigger, I think most people assume they are just siblings (even though he's the 'baby', Sam is bigger than Sarah), the most questions/comments I get nowadays is about our cooooool stroller, or 'baby limo' as we call it,. :-) Here's an ad pic of it

  5. "You've got your hands full"

    "Double trouble"

    "Are they identical?" (My girls look so totally different, and obviously my b/g twins aren't!)

    "Are you going to have your own t.v. show?"

    "Are you trying to be the next octomom?" (At this point I always point out that their math teacher must have failed them as I only have 4 kids...) ;)

    "How do you do it?"

    "Glad it's not me"

    "That's my worst nightmare"

    "Are they natural?" (Ummm, they ARE human, you know flesh and blood like the rest of us? It depends on what mood I'm in whether or not I share that they are IVF babies)

    "Do twins run in your family"?

    "I think I have it harder than you because my 2 kids aren't twins, but they're close in age" (I can't tell you how much this one pisses me off!)

    "I think my one kid is harder than your twins because they're so well behaved" (this one pisses me off too because no one knows how tough they can be when not in public - although I am grateful that they are pretty well behaved in public for some reason!)

    "Having twins must be easier than having one kid because they can entertain each-other" (you have no idea how many fights I break up every day people! I am thrilled that they have each-other, but REALLY? 2 kids are never easier than 1! LMBO!

    And my personal favorite was when I was asked if my girls were natural one time and when I told the lady they were IVF babies she responded "But, they're so pretty" - huh?...


  6. Oh yeah, I get the:

    " I bet you have your hands full" to which I respond- "yeah, that's what they tell me"

    Or "do twins run in your family?"
    (Yes, actually they run all around the house)

    "were you planning on having twins"
    (Does anyone really EVER plan to have multiples??)


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