Sunday, May 9, 2010

Parents of Multiples & All Parents: Have Fun Raising Bilingual Children With Sing-A-Lingo

Parents of multiples have unique challenges in the daily aspects of taking care of their children. From feeding two or more babies simultaneously to possible language delays that can occur in toddler multiples--everything is part of raising multiples. According to renowned author, pediatrician, and Yale graduate, Robert Needlman, M.D., F.A.A.P, one of the many benefits of raising bilingual children is, "when babies grow up hearing two different languages in about equal amounts, most become fluent in both languages simultaneously. There is no cost in terms of emotional or intellectual (cognitive) delays. In some ways, bilingual children may have an advantage. For example, they may find it easier to learn certain grammar rules or rules relating to reading and writing. And, of course, they can speak with a wider range of people than can children who speak a single language." Parents, including those of multiples, who want to raise bilingual children can find educational products with Sing-A-Lingo.
Piña and Michael Madera, co-founders of Sing-A-Lingo, are Spanish speaking parents who made the decision to raise their children bilingual. Piña has worked as an educator since 1987 and was raised bilingual since it is her Mexican mother's language. Michael holds an M.A. in Spanish and a doctorate in Psychology. Understanding the developmental benefits of music for children, being musicians themselves, and wanting to create products that integrated useful Spanish into their daily lives,
Sing-A-Lingo was born.

Sing-A-Lingo has developed a new comprehensive Spanish program for fun and easy language-learning. The Spanish-All-Day Program combines music, visual aids and interactive games to encourage children to learn Spanish by providing language opportunities throughout the day. This new program expands on their first album, En Mi Casa (In My House). En Mi Casa features catchy Spanish lyrics about common activities, and provides families with a soundtrack for a typical day. The original songs featured on the album are about practical, functional topics in environments where children already find themselves, so practicing Spanish just happens. En Mi Casa has been well-received by parents and children everywhere and is the recent recipient of a 2009 iParenting Media Award and Parents Choice Award. This new comprehensive program from Sing-A-Lingo helps caregivers and educators teach children the fundamentals of learning Spanish.

Sing-A-Lingo has an easy approach to learning...Sing...Laugh...Learn...a method all parents can use!

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