Saturday, May 22, 2010

Mom hates yucky public toilets

Since I have never had twins before, potty training twins will be a very new experience for me. Not so much one that I am looking forward to. I realized once we start potty training, we will need to figure our how to go about going on outings. Then I also realized... I am SO grossed out by public bathrooms!! I am not taking my twins into a public bathroom and having them touch everything while I struggle to help them go to the bathroom. YUCK. That sounds like a germ infested nightmare to me!!

There is nothing worse about public bathrooms than taking a child or TWO under age 7 into one, and expecting there to be a way to keep their hands off everything. Impossible!!

I think I need to go on a search for the best travel pottys. I would sooner have a potty or two in my van and find an easy way to dispose of the waste, than deal with gross public bathrooms with toddler twins.

I pondered the thought of having two pottys on our screen porch for when they play in our back yard. That way I do not have to take them inside if we are swimming and such.

How do you avoid germy situations with public bathrooms and potty training toddlers??

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