Sunday, May 23, 2010

Life with Downs

Hi my name is Lala, I gave birth to twins on Dec 4, 2009. I was supposed to be going for a oil change. That never happened.

I was blessed with my twins after 13 years of trying. Then God sent me for a loop when was I told that twin A, Andrew, has Downsyndrome.

I can say that I was not unhappy, a bit overwhelmed, however, I felt that well if this is the path the Lord wants me on, well, I guess I will just have to take the journey.

I have never been so happy.

There isn't too much information on Downsyndrome. This is what I know, my son is a very happy boy. If I would of had him first then years later have my daughter, I would of been in for a rude awakening.

I think what I hate most is when people find out he has downs they do the head tilt thing and say oh so sorry. To me its like Sorry that I have a son. What are you thinking.

I am not sorry for my son. Anyone who meets him feels that he is a angel sent from heaven. There is something about him that pulls you into his soul.

He is also very funny.

Now my daughter well lets just say, she wakes up with her hands in a fist and goes to bed with them in a fist. She is very funny, beautiful and well she will be a force to be rekoned with. Much like her mother. Her name is Alayna.

She was born with a protein allergy to anything from a cow, therefore, lots of tummy aches. Lots of digestion problems. I was told that these were supposed to be Andrews symptoms to having Downs. I guess she was brave enought to take one for the team.

Andrew, whom I also call Snowflake, because he is so fare, is fare skinned blonde hair and blue eyes. Alayna is olive skinned, bluish green eyes, and dark hair. She his my Sun Goddess.

I truly feel blessed, i hope you continue to follow my blog as they are very funny.

Lots of love to all, and god bless.



  1. I have one typical twin and one special needs twin as well (in our case, a severe brain injury) - it sure is different, isn't it?

  2. They are different. Just went to genetics appt yesterday. I am tired of hearing all the negative things that may happen as Andrew gets older. I would like to hear "despite the fact he may not walk till he's two, he will be so loving and affectionate that he'll want to hug you all day". That would be nice to hear.
    Anyways, I bought a pool for the twins today. They should put on the pool in big black, bold lettering "AFTER FILLING WITH YOUR OWN HOT AIR, FILL POOL WITH WARM WATER, NOT COLD HOSE WATER, BECAUSE OF YOU DO BE PREPARED TO HEAR YOUR CHILDREN SCREAM FOR 15 MINUTES.!":) Stupid me should of thought of that sooner. LOL

  3. Beautiful post!! Good for you for not being pressured to abort. I know a lot of doctors suggest that when they learn of down babies. Children are a blessing and are wonderfully made by our Lord!


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