Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy TwinTuesday! Two of Everything?

Hi everyone! My name is Jennifer Miller and I have a personal twins blog at TwinHappy.com. This is actually my first post here because, well, I've been trying to figure out what to write about :-p However, I got together with Kristen and have decided to bring my weekly "TwinTuesday" posts here, too!

If you're new to TwinTuesday, you can read all about what it is and how it all began. However, it's basically something I started last year on Twitter... and it's not only spread to my blog, but other blogs, as well!

The main feature of TwinTuesday is the "Question of the Week." Here's today's:

Do you buy two of everything for your twins? Or do they share certain things?

This question was inspired, partly by the giveaway going on here at "Life with Twins & Multiples": Enter to win two little "Lassos!" (Not an official TwinTuesday giveaway, but thought it appropriate to mention here!)

However, it was also inspired by a comment that Kristen made the other day about, picking up a Lion King Ride-On at a garage sale. While she picked up some other things, too, her boys just became fixated on the Lion King Ride-On and then the search was on for a second Lion King Ride-On :-p

It's a situation that any seasoned parent of twins is well aware of. Just one example: While at a TotSwap a year or two ago, I had my girls with me... and someone had an extra balloon, so they gave it to one of the girls. I could've killed that person :-p NEVER give ONE balloon or toy or anything like that, to twins... it's much better to just not give them anything, if you only have one of something. All it causes is pain and grief... for the twins, but especially the parents :-p

While some things can be shared, and it is important to teach sharing, a lot of times it's a better idea to get two of something (and, of course, there are plenty of necessary things that you have to buy two of).

So, what kinds of things can be shared? And, what kinds of things, must you simply buy two of?

Feel free to answer this question in the comments below... or, post a reply on your own blog and add a link to your post in the linky below!

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  1. I'll jump in here, since I already put up my Tuesday post, which is not really twin related, but is mom related!
    I'm really new to the twin scene. My girls are four months old. BUT they are my last kids...so some things I just don't want to buy two of...oh, and we thought we were done...so we got rid of all of our baby stuff three years ago!

    We need two carseats, and two high chairs, and tow bouncy seats for sure. So far we have one crib, and don't forsee the need for a second any time soon. We have one BIG stroller. We cloth diaper, but I really just have the diaper stash of a singleton and wash a bit more often (like every day and a half). I have two boobs (perfect!). I've yet to buy many clothes, but I love matchy matchy, so those are two by two! I just bought 4 more pacifiers and two teethers. I only own two bottles. I have one crib music box thingie. I have too many little toys but two sweet little dollies for the girls.

    Twins are fun!

  2. two of everything is the trend here.. I wonder if it is becaue they are both boys but it may be an all twins thing.

    I do have a twin mom friend with b/g twins who says she has never bought 2 of the same thing and hers don't care.

  3. I am a mom of twin boys that just turned 2 today. (Happy Birthday) I have noticed more recently there could be a million toys around but they want the same one and tend to fight. I don't think they should have everything the same only because they need to learn to share. I do believe in a must in doubles is ride on toys, big toy trucks, and the boys favorite rocking chairs. For the most part they do understand sharing unless it is those metioned. They both have there own unique personalities so not everything about them has to be the same just because they were born on the same day 2 min apart. My favorite thing they do have opposite is the same sneaker just different colors and they know what shoes belong to them and they get upset if one touches the others...


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