Sunday, May 2, 2010

Great product alert!!

I will start our new awesome group blog with a product review!!!  I would like to tell everyone about a handy little product called The Little Lasso.

The Little Lasso is a one of throw "no throw" type leashes for sippy cups, snack cups, and baby toys. The reason I like it is because they are very easy to use, have totally cute patterns on them and are easily machine washable and dryable! 

Example of The Little Lasso.

The Little Lasso is made in Texas by moms of children with Down Syndrome who wanted to come up with a handy product to keep their children from tossing and loosing their sippy cups and such.

Well they work!!  They are fully adjustable by pulling the material through a large hard plastic bead.
They function well and are very durable.  There is nothing confusing about using them and they last!

They even work for the Boon Fluid Sippy. You can thread the sippy loop end through the hole in the center of the Boon Fluid Sippy and then loop it through the link end and tighten!!

Check them out, you will LOVE them!!


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