Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Foam Mats for Playing on

OK so as much as I like the standard alphabet and numbers foam mats for serving their purpose of a safe place for babies to crawl, they just are a huge pain in the rump.For one they do not always fit into each other and I hear, although my twins do not do this... a lot of moms have issues with them coming up easily and catching their babies chewing on the foam pieces. YUCK! Also they are NOT that thick. They bubble up and get these parts where it is all poofed up and coming apart from them sliding when you walk or crawl across them.I was constantly reshaping the foam mat we have, we have 2 sets of them because we have ours boxed in by 2 superyard XT play yards to make a nice play area. I tried them with and without the edges/borders. Every time one of us gets in there we had to be ultra careful not to scooch around or the foam mat would get all messed up. So I was having to take out all the toys and redo the mat at least 2 times per week. Let me just tell you how annoying that was.I also did not think it was enough padding when they topple over while sitting, crawling, trying to stand etc. It really was not at all.
SO a while back I saw a set of the alphabet/numbers/shapes floor mats at onestepahead.com I pondered what the difference in them and the ones I had would be. Well after careful through, research, and consideration I said OK and bought them. I bought 2 sets of the alphabet plus a set of the shapes. I plan to go back and buy a set of the numbers as well in the near future. HOLY cow they ROCK!!!!! They are SO THICK!! They are very sturdy, you can feel the difference and see the difference right off the bat. The colors are way more vibrant and the quality is 10x what the other ones are. Plus they ARE recommended for birth and up where as the other ones are for 3 years and up.They seriously are not kidding at one step ahead when they say it is the most thickest foam mat you can get. It is amazing. So much cushion and padding. So very durable for walking, scooching, and crawling on. I am 100% satisfied with this mat and we just got them this week!!I highly recommend getting them!I use another set of foam mats under our jumperoos for nice padding on their feet as well, the old kind. I think I may just upgrade there too and get a set of the ones from one step ahead to go under our jumperoos as well. The One Step Ahead foam mats

The other ones I was using Amazon.com: Alphabet 'N Number Foam Puzzle PlayMat: Toys & Games



  1. We also have the play yard at our house--but it's called "The Baby Jail" after my in-laws name it that! :-)

  2. I am so glad I found your post. I am driven crazy by how the interlocking mats coming apart every time my baby sits on it. They require fixing as frequent as I use them - i.e. very many times every day!!! You are right, they aren't that thick at all - once my baby fell from a sitting position, and we heard this LOUD "thud"! We wondered if he actually hurt his head - it sounded like a bowling ball was dropped on it. Now, is this One Step Ahead really much better than the old ones you had? Do you know if I can get them from a retail store, instead of ordering online?

  3. Yes much better!!

    You cna only buy them from one step ahead though.. they have their own line of products they sell only though their website. They have a catalog too that they can send you. It's like a magazine paper type catalog.


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