Thursday, November 13, 2014

The 2015 365 Day Light Play Challenge

Let's fill 2015 with beautiful light play photos!!  This challenge does not have to be difficult or extravagant, just fun!! It's easy, all you need to do is sign up for the challenge, grab the button and put it on your blog or website if you have one. If you do not have a blog or website to put the button on, no problem!  Just upload it on FaceBook, Twitter, or G+ as a photo with a link to this blog page, or even put the link in the comments area!  

Then comes the fun part, experience light play with your kids!! 

Light play can be......

Light table / Light box play
Overhead Projector play
Glow in the dark play
Black Light Play
Natural Light Play
Light and Mirror Play

If you have to skip a day or three, here and there... so be it!  Just take the challenge and join the fun!!

Starting the challenge after January 1st 2015?  So what, join us anyway!!!!
Start early, Start on January 1st 2015, or start late... who cares just join in!

Hosted by: 



Grab the button!

365 Day Light Play Challenge

Join the board to post your light play photos. Email to be added to the board. No blog necessary, just a Pinterest account and your daily light play challenge photos!  Old or new light play photos welcome in this challenge!

The photos do not have to be complex or difficult. Just anything you and your kids are doing that pertains to light play in some way!!

There are hundreds of examples on the board linked below. That is the board you will post your photos to also!

Also......When you post light table or light play photos, use the hashtag

Want to start posting light play photos before January 1st 2015?  DO IT!!!

In December 2015 there will be a contest to end the challenge and bring in 2016!

Follow Kristen (Epic Childhood)'s board Light Table Play 101 on Pinterest.

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