Monday, May 26, 2014

Upgrading to a beautiful light table

light table by Whitney Brothers

My twins and I have recently received a beautiful Whitney Brothers light table. It is a really wonderful light table and I feel it is a huge upgrade from the constructive playthings light panels that we have. Now don't get me wrong, I truly adore our constructive playthings light panels but this light table is amazing!

My first impression of this light table, once I had it assembled was 
"Wow! What a wonderful light table upgrade!"

Whitney Brothers mainly sells high quality and highly functional furniture for Early Learning and Child Care Facilities. Their products are GREENGUARD Certified too, so they are a very environmentally friendly company as well. They have some of the most high quality furniture I have seen in years.

The wood is very strong, not flimsy in any way. The light table was very easy to assemble.
I assembled it on my own in just a few minutes, without any issues at all.

I am very impressed with the size and high quality of this light table in every way. It fits very nicely into my twins room, which has a LOT of stuff it it. Their room is a combination playroom, bedroom, and homeschool room. So I have to be very creative in the way that I arrange the items in it.

The light table they we received from Whitney Brothers is called their small light table.  They have another light table that is much larger, called their big, big light table. Here is a size comparison for both...

In the photo collage below are photos of my twins playing with the Constructive Playthings light panels we have. The top left photo is their newest version of the light panel, which is LED. 

It measures 

 The photo below it  and the one next to it is of the Constructive Playthings older light panel which is not LED.  It has wonderful light distribution though and I feel is just as good as an LED light panel.

It measures 

 The top right photos is on my home made DIY Perfect "Container" Light Box.It was made from an IKEA Snalis storage container. The play space on it measures about 22 x 14.

light table activities

Here (below) are some photos of my twins playing, designing, and exploring on the Whitney Brothers small light table. I truly feel it is not small though for the record. It has an amazing amount of play space on it and I really like that it has a shelf below that can be used to store light table toys and accessories, or even a small light panel if another child were to want to sit on the floor and play on it while another child played above on the light table, that is what my twins have been doing. The Whitney Brother light table has wonderful lighting tone and wonderful even distribution of light, which is very important when buying (or making) a light table.

I talk in detail about the importance of even light distribution and good light tone in this blog post

On a side note, if I had known about the Whitney Brothers light tables when I wrote that post, I would have included it. 

So, when I eventually update that post, they will be included. 

light table play

playing on the light table

twins playing on the light table

light table fall theme

beautiful light table play

lego n light table

alex prism bricks

lego on the light table prism bricks

lego light table block play

So, if you are ready for a light table upgrade, this is an excellent choice!!
I highly recommend this light table and so do my twins! They LOVE it!

small light table

big, big light table

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