Sunday, May 13, 2012

life is full of hidden art

If you look closely enough, you can see art nearly anywhere you look!

LED tealight in the middle of the table with a glass of water in front of it.

just a simple glass of water becomes art with light behind it.

color lessons with Alpha Pops

matching the pops and discussing color

citiblocs become art ;)

makng a wooden spiral with the citiblocs

adding on some other blocks

translucent color chips on top of the table become art on the dirt under the table when the
sunlight hits them, reflecting the color on to the dirt! See all of the color on the dirt? It is from simple translucent color chips we got at lakeshore learning. We use them for many different things.

Graham and Colin used playdough and playdough tools on a tree to create some pretty neat art! We had a playdough and chalk playdate at the park and this is what they came up with on their own!

They had a really great time and it was their own idea!!!!

so into their art!  (BTW it removes easily from the tree with no damage)
They spent a lot of time on their art and kept going back to it

Parker, playing chase with a new friend at the park

Balloons with LED lights inside of them inside of a play tent

They had so much fun in the tent with the glow balloons that it was impossible to get a good photo!

drawing with highlighters is a favorite of Graham and Parker!

A close up of some glass bead gems we use in every day play becomes art!

a very artsy view of our marble run with close up

these squishy balls look awesome, they make a great artsy photo!

a close up of our light table stacking tubes looks so pretty

Some translucent stirrers we use on the light table looking very artful in this close up

Magna tiles always look very artsy!

I had an idea after we used these translucent color chips at the park for a playdough/chalk playdate

I got out the scotch tape and the translucent color chips and started making strips of bingo chips

when the sun shines through, they create a rainbow in the room!

So simple, yet so fun and pretty! 

introducing "cascading rainbow sun catchers"

Starbucks tazo passion tea

cake pops, yum

we love cake pops!


  1. wow such colorful ideas! very nice - beautiful - thanks for sharing!

  2. We love cake pops too! Passion Tea Lemonade and cake pops from Starbucks. :) Love the suncatcher idea - we may have to do that in the big dining room window. It's almost like stained glass!

  3. What exactly are the color translucent chips that you strung in the window? Where did you get them? They are so cool, and I need to do this at our library.
    Thanks Donna

  4. love your cascading rainbow sun catchers

  5. That looks like great fun. I would love it if you would link one of your posts each week to Multiples Monday. There are a couple of hours left today...and then I host it every week on my blog, Capri + 3. Blogs about multiples post a link to a recent or beloved post. I hope to see you there. Your activity linky party also looks like a lot of fun.
    : 0 ) Theresa

  6. I love the playdoh on the tree. my son would love that.

  7. Love it! Thanks for sharing it on the Kid's Co-op. I really do believe you can find beauty in everyday.

  8. How fun! Thanks for sharing at our Handmade Tuesdays party. I'm a momma of twin boys..but mine are nine. I remember those fun days!

  9. you definitely found ome beautiful art in every day things there. I love the photo of the marble run. And what a great idea using playdough to imprint on trees.

  10. Hello,
    I would like to feature this post on the T.E.A.C.H. Awards at Cachey Mama’s Classroom for May. If you allow me permission to use one image from the post and link back to your post, please e-mail me at as soon as possible. Thanks!
    Lori @ Cachey Mama’s Classroom
    PS. If you would like to see past T.E.A.C.H. Awards, click HERE

  11. LOVE the translucent color chips!! Where did you find them?? Ms. Barbara from For the Children

  12. Oh how much fun to use play dough and chalk on trees! I love that, and will definitely have to try that with my kids!

  13. Hi, how big are the translucent chips. Would like to use them with you toddlers if they're bigger than 1 and a 12 inches.

    1. here is a link to them

  14. Oops! I mean 1 and a half inches. I also would like to know where you purchase them.


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