Thursday, December 6, 2012

DIY sparkly flying dragonfly toy

This morning we made flying dragonflies!! 

We used sparkly craft pom poms, popsicle/craft sticks, glue, feathers, googly eyes, and string. We also made some snowflake ornaments using glue, popscicle/craft sticks, and beads. Read the captions under each photo to find out how to make them!!

Start by gluing craft sticks in a formation like this.

then add some glue on the top of ethe long straight stick and add pom poms

We used hot glue but you can use regular Elmer's school glue if you want

I wanted to use this as good practice with using the hot glue gun. (under my supervision of course)

on the shorter criss crossed side sticks, add glue and then one feather for each stick

when all of that is done, add eyes
then grab some string or twice, do a few criss-crosses(jump jump) and then secure them. I ended up adding a foam craft sticker over the bottom where you see that exposed string. It keeps it from tangling later.

bring the string up top, straighten out and knot it once against the base of the craft stick in between pom poms, but make sure it is even so the dragonfly is even and not front or back heavy. Just adjust it between a different set of pom poms if it is uneven and is front or back heavy. You want it to be nice and even.

all done!

We made snowflakes with craft sticks too! Basically the same as the dragonflies but shape the sticks in a snowflake formation, add glue and any beads you want.  Then you can add string to hang on your Christmas tree!

also check out our seed trees on canvas!!!  HERE


  1. Love this colorful dragonfly! Hug-A-Bug and I can use this when presenting to children. If you have time please stop by and see us. on or

  2. Thank you Anna, I will check out your link!


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