Thursday, October 3, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Styles Methods Philosophies Approaches Theories

Let's face it, these days there are a lot of ways to Homeschool, though some ways are lesser known than others. Hopefully I will be able to list them all in this post! If you know of a Homeschool style that I left out, please let me know in the comments. A lot of websites and blogs have a few commonly known Homeschool styles listed, but none of them have more than five or ten Homeschool styles listed. There are many more than that. Some parents even use two or more styles to Homeschool their children.  In this blog post I have linked each Homeschool style
 to a helpful page that describes all aspects of that style.  Just click on the style and it will take you to an explanatory page. Most of the linked pages are at Wikipedia and Time4Learning. If you see an * by a Homeschool style, that means I linked a second page with more helpful information.  Some even have more than two pages linked. 

Maybe you are not sure what your Homeschool style is. Maybe you are looking to change up your Homeschool style. Whatever the reason, I hope that many Homeschoolers will find this post helpful!

Welcome to The Ultimate Guide to Homeschool Styles / Methods/ Philosophies / Approaches / Theories!

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